Monique Rollin

Former Inspector, Sault Ste. Marie Police Service

Inspector Monique Rollin retired as a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service in January 2019 with over 31 years’ experience, and as the highest ranking female officer in the history of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.  . She was assigned as Inspector of Support Services and was formerly the Division Commander of Investigation Services and Division Commander of Patrol Services.  Monique has more than 15 years’ experience in Criminal Investigations with major crimes, domestic violence, morality unit, youth bureau, fraud unit, and as the sexual assault and domestic violence coordinator.  Throughout her career she was a Crisis Negotiator and as a senior officer she was a Critical Incident Commander and educated officers as Crisis Negotiators, Incident Commanders, Front Line Supervisors, Domestic Violence Investigators and investigations of sexual offences against children.  Monique has been published by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police on Feminist Leadership, on Unfounded Sexual Violence Reviews and in Canada’s Blueline Magazine on Gender Issues and Changing What Power Looks Like in The Workplace.

Monique holds an executive position with Ontario Women in Law Enforcement Association and is the founder and president of Algoma Women in Law Enforcement which consist of over 70 members who are employed or retired from law enforcement including the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service, the OPP, Canada Border Services, Corrections, Anishinabek and Batchewana First Nations Police and the RCMP.  In addition, retired Inspector Rollin is one if the primary authors and working group lead responsible for the creation of the Provincial and National Framework for Collaborative Police Action on Sexual Violence adopted by resolution by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police providing all Police Services the framework of leading practices to address sexual violence in Canada.

Now retired from policing, Monique has taken on private consulting including a position as Vice President and Director of Training for Canadian Critical Incident Inc. and now develops curriculum and delivers training to Incident Commanders, Crisis Negotiators, 911 Communicators, Front-line Supervisors and Special Constables on crisis/hostage negotiations, critical incidents and command.


The Theory of Feminist Leadership


Changing leadership culture in environments where power and respect are rooted in dominance and authority. Feminist leadership focuses on building diverse and inclusive spaces at work, keeping operations transparent, and doing all they can to acknowledge the needs and desires of everyone their decisions impact. Our conception of power and leadership in work environments is, like most other things, inextricably linked to the lopsided social and cultural structures that marginalize and oppress women. From a feminist perspective, that means that our understandings of “good” and “ideal” power and leadership structures and styles are patriarchal and hierarchal.  The implementation of values and principles that gives credibility to encourage people to follow us into culture change is what defines a feminist leader.

Jean Morrison

Managing Partner, Real Estate Broker, StreetCity Realty Inc., Sault Ste. Marie

Self employed, with a passion for Real Estate for the past 12 years, Jean Morrison is is now the Managing Partner of Street City Realty Inc. in Sault Ste. Marie.   Jean  also jumped in to own and operate a Wine Making franchise at 25 years old.  Raising 2 children as a single parent, finding balance, talking chances, making sacrifices and overcoming personal set-backs.

You Already Are “That Woman”


“Sometimes life side swipes you, the only thing you can control is how you get up and at it again”.  Jean will talk about how everything in your past in a valuable experience that you can learn, share and grow from, and how she triumphantly arrived in her current leadership role doing what she loves.  We all admire people and in our heads we sometimes think, I wish I could be “That Woman”.  Jean will speak about never underestimating yourself, taking chances, and seeing you already have what it takes to be a leader.

Mary Garside

Senior Project Technologist, Pinchin

Mary Garside was raised in Sault Ste. Marie, and has spent 8 years throughout Northern Ontario completing her technical diploma in Mining Engineering and working on remote construction projects. She has since returned to the Sault Ste. Marie Pinchin office as a Senior Project Technologist, and manages all local Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and is the local sales representative for Pinchin. Mary is on the executive board of Strive Young Professionals, and Pinchin’s Representative in the Chamber of Commerce and Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association. You can catch Mary riding through the city on her motorcycle in the summer months, and travelling away from the snow when it’s 0 below. 

You Are Your Own Super Hero


Working in the local construction industry for five years, Mary brings insight to embracing who you really are, as she did through her own journey in her exciting career. Mary emphasizes that each woman is truly her own superhero, and nothing determines your own power other than you. Through self realization, motivation and self love, Mary encourages you to find success in yourself as you are.  

Sara McCleary

Community Advocate & Political Candidate

Sara McCleary has long been a community advocate for Sault Ste. Marie in both her employment and volunteer roles around town.  Actively involved in the local political scene, running for City Council in 2018 and currently a candidate in the federal election, Sara is a mother of two young children, who is stepping up to fight for the future of her city.

Stepping Up for Change


How did a quiet mother of two young kids end up as a federal political candidate? Sara will share her story of what has prompted her to step up and put herself out there in the name of change.

Monique Morrison

President, Jeronamo Digital Solutions & Success with Digital

Monique Morrison is the founder of Jeronamo Solutions and Success with Digital and is a Certified Digital Marketer. Prior to launching Jeronamo, Monique was a Digital Media Specialist for Rogers Media as well as a Brand Manager for Starwood Hotels. She’s been helping businesses launch both digitally and on location since 2006. When she’s not brainstorming with clients she’s blogging, reading into upcoming digital marketing trends, hiking or hanging outdoors with her family.

 Give Voice to Your Inner Super Hero 


There are many factors and experiences that can happen throughout life that make one feel like they’ve lost their voice in this world. Join us to learn how Monique was able to become not only a happy, healthy mother and wife but also a successful entrepreneur, team leader and highly sought after public speaker by reclaiming her inner voice after enduring over a decade of childhood sexual abuse.

Jodie McNabb

Owner, Yes It Fits

Jodie McNabb wholeheartedly believes in following one’s passion. Jodie loves dogs, hiking, working on cars and anything with a motor and wheels. Enjoying working in Real Estate for over 15 years, Jodie noticed many women were not as confident or comfortable with their bodies as they should be and she felt she needed to do something that would make women feel great. With this in mind, Jodie introduced her business YES! It Fits  to provide a comfortable experience, a compassionate environment, and most importantly the right products and foundations for women to feel confident. Jodie is now living her passion while helping other women to do the same.

It’s Not Just a Bra!


While confidence is an inside job, feeling comfortable and looking well put together on the outside is essential too.  Wearing the right size and style of a bra can change your life.  Jodie will advise on the basics and characteristics of what to look for and how it all impacts the fit and comfort, while providing leadership tips to help you feel more confident and look amazing like the Super Hero you are.


Inspiring the Super Hero in You